steven engler (seegallery)

Steven Engler -1952 Minneapolis

Spontaneous Digital Photography


I have an acute over awareness of everything around me. Constantly the observer, it was a natural next step to carry around a digital camera and record the remarkable frames that bombard me. This experience over the last several years has evolved into a personal art form.


• Recycle – deteriorate – construct/destruct – things going back into the earth – now or soon.

• People – unperceived recording of their life’s moment – guerilla photography
Up-close photography, but unobserved by the subject(s) – voyeuristic.

• Places that are disappearing- Las Vegas from the 60’s, gentrification

• Multiples- collections of like items that are mesmerizing when massed together

• Americana- the state fair, donut shops, everyday life


Composition – expansive images of scenes overlooked or spectacular. Each image transmits tremendous detail in the holistic relationship of foreground subject to background information. The subjects, animate or inanimate are incidental or secondary to the art of the whole. Color inherent to each scene is a critical catalyst in my work: brilliant blue of an auspicious sky; intense steely grey from an angry sky; maximization of color; minimization of color- without resorting to black and white film.

Sometimes the subjects are the observed. Sometimes the subjects are the observers. Sometimes the subjects are simply a compositional element.


My target images are recognized and recorded instantaneously- guerilla photography. I employ no propping, staging, or artificial lighting (other than built-in flash). The pictures that result record exactly what I saw in the raw state.

The medium is not equipment centric allowing critical spontaneity to be opportunistic. Camera at my side at all times, I’m always ready to stop in the middle of the street, to capture a fleeting image. By minimizing the equipment, it becomes all about perceiving and recording the moment.

I value most my photographs when the moment to capture the subject is quick and unforgiving- in between frenetic traffic, a break in the clouds for the right ligjavascript:%20void(0);ht, or stealing up on people without their knowledge. Once gone- gone forever.

Limited Editions

Printed and recorded at DigiGraphics - Fine Arts Division, Minneapolis, under my supervision.

C- Prints – Kodak Endura High Gloss. 33” x 43” (30” x 40 image with a 3” white border) limited 6 plus 2 artist's proofs each image. Stickered with edition and signature.

Steven Engler
SEE Gallery
Fine Art Photographer
1201 Currie Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403


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